Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Black Book Chronicles

      The 'black book' ... It's a writer's most valuable piece of property. Trust, it's more than a collection of crude illegible markings, full of bleeding color. However attained, be it five dollars or five finger discount, whats between the bindings is the real treasure!

      Starting off with it's crisp edges and pristine pages, they travel until they become duct-taped bound time machines showcasing beginnings and artistic growth. Every page is a unfolding story full of twist and turns. Some simple as black & white while others are exploding with prismacolored, penciled and inked fills.

      The 'black book' ... the birth place of sketches, original characters and individual expression. The testing grounds for new styles and the home to the blueprints of potential wreck sessions. For some, at times used as a visual journal or note pad. A rest haven for ideas. I mean it even functions as a futon for other artist to occasionally sleep a piece on.

      An artist' sketchbook is carefully guarded and it's contents usually only shared with those who will appreciate them ... This is your passport.

"This brand is our life NOT a "lifestyle brand" we are not selling an image, just the images."™

 This blog is dedicated to the designs, ideas, products and projects that we at Nation Of HARDWEAR™ are undertaking and of course they all stem from ... you guessed it our 'black book'. I could tell you whats coming, but where is the fun in that? Lets just say were still on the backside of the cover. If ya interested stay tuned ...

I personally appreciate you reading this and hope you continue to do so as we fill up these pages!