Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Dunk A Day For All Of May - #31DAYSofDUNKS

So here's the deal: A Dunk A Day For All Of May - new, old and in-between.

This idea started while thinking of something to do during May to celebrate my birth month. I knew I was going to be wearing a lot of shoes and at first I was going to go strictly on a un-DS-ing mission "just to do it", then I thought about it ... why deprive myself of some of my faves? I went to the "stockroom" and just started opening boxes (this where it got interesting) a lot of memories started replaying while going through them. After some time passed I narrowed it down to my favorite model, The Dunk. Since its inception in 1985 it has had so many variations, colorways, colabs and changes hopefully this doesn't get boring. So tune in daily for a lil story or history and freshness update ... #31DAYSofDUNKS ... #NOHx2012